Together, we take North America.

What if we dared to dream that this work could actually be finished in our lifetime?

Remember Net meetings? Thousands of churches across the NAD reaching people in their communities all at one time. Revelation 2020 is a modern and improved version of this concept. Everyone will be preaching the same materials—with a complete education system that encourages success. But with one big difference...You preach the message. This is an important distinction, because this allows your guests to get to know You and not just some speaker across the country.

How does Revelation 2020 work?

Revelation 2020 is an all-inclusive tool for your evangelism. Access will start as you receive all of The Voice of Prophecy's best educational training sessions and workshops.

We'll give you a complete calendar of training and events that you can use to maximize participation as we roll into the nation-wide event.

You'll receive our all-new reaping series Discovering Revelation.
Complete with 23 sermon sets, notes, and presentation slides—this is the same material Shawn has been honing during his annual citywide campaigns.

Within each presentation you'll find slides from our brand-new 6K art library that you can extract and use for whatever you want.

How much does Revelation 2020 cost?

The Voice of Prophecy is providing Discovering Revelation and all of the Revelation 2020 resources (except access to Final Empire) for churches that participate in the Discovery Center program.

Churches that are not currently Discovery Centers or do not have free access through a Conference-wide program (see if you are qualified here) can become a part of this event for $400.

By joining this nationwide program you will also receive a one-year membership to the Evangelism Bundle for Discovery Centers. This Bundle includes all of the resources for running Discovering Revelation and additional benefits (see below).

— You may already be eligible to participate in Revelation 2020 at no cost. —

If you have a current Discovery Center ID#, you can enter it here to look up your membership.

If you are not registered as a Discovery Center, you can check if your conference has purchased it for you.

Join Churches Across the NAD for
Revelation 2020
— You Get —


Discovering Revelation
Full-message Series

Get the complete and updated series that Pastor Shawn Boonstra uses in his acclaimed national events. You’ll get all 23 editable sermons with pastors notes and a complete lineup of all-new 6K slides designed to create impact at your meeting.

  • 23 Complete Sermons
  • All-new 6K Graphics
  • Easy-to-follow Event Manual


Discovery Center
1-Year Membership

Evangelism is the cornerstone of our mission at the Voice of Prophecy, and this bundle reflects our heart to support local churches. You’ll receive powerful tools and training that will establish your church on a pattern of successful evangelism and growth in your community. As an Evangelism Member you’ll have access to Discovering Revelation and these other resources…

  • Discovery Mountain Children’s Resources
  • Discovery Mountain VBS Camp
  • SRS Attendance tracking software
  • Complete benefits from All-New Discover Bible School

You get the all-new, evangelistic series Discovering Revelation, the Complete Discovery Mountain's children resources and VBS program, a library of brand-new 6K graphics, and more...

$1,000+ Value for ONLY $400 USD

Includes a FREE year of Discovery Center's Evangelism Bundle

No Shipping! Instant Access*

Download all of the resources online.

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