Final Empire

Jerry Williams

Join Us in January

Final Empire will be a high-quality program your members will be proud of. It’s an epic four-part, direct-to-church event that uses a captivating documentary format for a distinct perspective on America in Bible prophecy. In Final Empire, we’ll be tracing the origins of America, charting some specific events that started over 3,000 years before the adoption of the U.S. Constitution. And we’ll look in the Bible to see specific warnings for this nation today.


For Discovery Centers that have partnered with the Community bundle, please visit to download all of the resources you will need to run this event. For those who do not have access to the Community bundle, you may consider adding this in order to have full access to all bridge events and other events and resources we will be adding. We encourage you to join the national event by signing up as a Final Empire host.


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